The Worlds Only Smart Outdoor Water Station

Embrace the Purity of Ireland in Every Drop! Our Smart Outdoor Water Stations, Crafted with Irish Excellence and IoT Innovation, Offer Real-Time Insights for Your Hydration Needs

Smart Outdoor Water Stations
Branded Smart Outdoor Water Stations Ireland
Smart Outdoor Water Stations Ireland

Did You Know ?

Our Smart Water Stations Provide Real Time Data To Track Every Drop

Smart Outdoor Water Stations Ireland dashboard
Smart IoT Technology
24/7 System Monitoring
Over Air Firmware & Software Updates
Email & SMS Fault & Service Alerts
Live Calculation Of C02 Emisssions

Why Choose Us?

Voted top Irish Water Station provider for the past 3 years in a row!

Trusted by Local Authorities nationwide – Our Smart Water Stations have reduced more than 1,000,000 single use plastic form circulation at various sports grounds and parks around Ireland. 

Worlds only Smart Water Stations

Track water dispensed, CO2 offset, and plastic bottles saved with our Water Station's smart tech

Our Guarentee - Built to last 100 years

Stainless steel build with superior internals, all-weather durability, ensuring safe, reliable public water

Access Our App For Real Time Data

Smart Water Stations: Remote status, daily/weekly/monthly reports, IoT, 24/7 monitoring, updates, app use

Outdoor Hydration Specialists

Made from 3mm INOX 316L Marine Stainless Steel, with Covid handsfree sensor, Smart controls, for public use/misuse

Street Grade Quality Water Stations

Designed in Ireland: Elegant, low-maintenance, quality street furniture. Easy installation, operation, chiller-ready

Lighting for Dark Occasions

Automatic, programmable lighting for all seasons/locations. Dark Skies compliant, LED, energy-efficient, illuminated

Our Award Winning Outdoor Water Station

Our Smart Water Station, crafted with durable marine-grade stainless steel, offers contactless operation and IoT-powered real-time data for efficient, safe public hydration

Our products proudly carry the Guaranteed Irish badge, designed and produced in Ireland, contributing to local job creation and community growth.

Our water stations stand out with advanced IoT technology, delivering real-time data directly to your custom dashboard via our user-friendly app, ensuring you stay informed and in control.

Our water stations are built to last, featuring robust stainless steel construction, ensuring durability and resilience in various environments

Our outdoor water stations are equipped with efficient lighting, enhancing visibility and safety in any setting

Our outdoor water stations offer customizable branding options to align seamlessly with your organization’s identity and values

Smart Outdoor Water Stations

Our Trusted Clients & Partners

Our goal is to  dismantle the perception that water is a commodity and make our Smart Water Stations available everywhere.


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