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The safer, smarter eco-friendly way to get your water.

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Roghanna Táirge

316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel 3mm throughout

Touchless Operation Covid-19 Mitigation

Photocatalytic Antibacterial Coating

IoT Connectivity LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, Cellular

SMART Auto flushing. Alerts for scheduled Maintenance & Filter change by SMS or email

5 Micron Water Filter. Premium quality easy change filter.


installation & project development

To minimise the carbon footprint and maximise the sustainability of our products, the design and fabrication is carried out exclusively here in Ireland. Many of our Water Stations are solar powered. We source as much of our components as possible locally. We provide jobs and revenue to many small Irish firms on whom we rely for elements of our production. We proudly carry the “Guaranteed Irish” emblem. We are endorsed by Enterprise Ireland, Knowledge Transfer Ireland and Technology University Dublin.

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our Promise

Why Choose Us

Our mission is to dismantle the perception that water is a commodity and make our Water Stations available everywhere, providing clean unpackaged water, without destroying our shores and environment.

Our water stations enable everyone, everywhere to choose an alternative way of accessing free clean water, without resorting to single use, disposable plastic bottles and the emissions released in their manufacture. We are empowering society to break from the over production of plastic waste and its effect on our well-being and that of the environment.

Water Stations

Guaranteed Irish

Designed & manufactured in Ireland, providing jobs & revenue to the local economy. We are proud to wear the Guaranteed Irish Badge.

Eco Friendly Products

Our Goal is to provide safe clean drinking water without the environmental impacts of single use plastic bottles.

Covid Touchless Option

Our commitment to public safety is uncompromising. We now offer "Contactless" handsfree operation to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

smart Tech

Industry leading technology

Smart or non-smart units available.

Our Water Stations are smart. They transmit usage data to our servers where it is complied for the client’s customised dashboard. The display can show how much single use plastic your community has saved. Other options such as total litres dispensed, CO2 offset and many other metrics can also be displayed depending on the client’s requirements

Usage Dashboard

IoT Connectivity

Android & IOS app