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Countertop waterstations

Countertop Water-Cooler

The new countertop water-cooler with an elegant, modern design…so cool!

  • Housing totally in stainless steel with blue Plexiglas inserts
  • Natural gas R290
  • Same ice bank performance as the Fontemagna compact
  • Easy opening for maintenance
  • Inlet safety valve
  • Dispensing point for bottles up to 37cm
  • Electronic Commands or Manual mechanical tap
  • Ice-bank level indicator visible from outside
  • Replenishment of the ice-bank through connection
  • Internal storage space for filtration and UV lamp (only for the model of 150lt/h)

Anti-bacterial UV lamp operating at the outlet on each tap. As demonstrated by numerous studies, UV rays have a sterilising effect and prevent bacterial proliferation.

High quality stainless steel buttons to select cold still and sparkling water can be programmed to assign a specific amount of water delivered.


activated carbon filtration and/or inlet UV
UV OUT (n/a with manual mechanical tap)
portion control option

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Our goal is to  dismantle the perception that water is a commodity and make our water stations available everywhere 

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