water dispensers for businesses

South Dublin CO.COUNCIL

Water Dispensers For Businesses

South Dublin Co. Council

To date we have supplied eighteen of our top of the range, feature packed Solar Powered, Smart Water Dispensers  to South Dublin.
Fabricated from robust 3mm 316L Marine Grade polished stainless steel by our craftsmen in our Malahide workshop, they are designed for both use and misuse. Laser cutting by Shortts of Limerick.

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, SDCC specified their newer models would operate by “Contactless Sensors”.  We used premium European sensors enabling the user to dispense water hygienically without touching the unit. We are currently retrofitting these sensors to their earlier Water Dispensers.

Several of the beautifully curved solar poles have built in USB 3.0 charging ports for the citizen’s phones and laptops. Tube curving is provided by Anvil Engineering in Palmerstown, Dublin.
Premium German MPPT solar panels are used throughout with Bluetooth-controlled Smart Solar Chargers.



The two latest units in Corkagh Park, Clondalkin have solar benches with stainless steel dovetail joints, finished in composite wood and “Elephant Skin” Stainless Steel panelling. The bench conceals the hinges that enable the pole to be safely lowered for cleaning and maintenance.

The bottle plates on the fonts display the laser-etched SDCC logo.
The real-time data sent back from their suite of water stations is displayed on a custom dashboard, enabling the SDCC environmental engineers to drill down into the data for each individual font and for cumulative metrics.
Low voltage lighting illuminates the units and is programmed for social hours operation.
Monthly usage reports are automatically generated and emailed to the relevent parties. Alerts are sent by SMS & email to our support team and the council in the event of a fault. We are assisting in the development of a webpage for public viewing, soon to be launched.

The manufacturing of these SDCC water stations support dozens of skilled jobs in South Dublin and throughout Ireland.

water dispensers for businesses

Water Dispensers For Businesses

South Dublin Co. Council

All the SDCC water stations feature a full “Industrial Internet of Things” suite, sending back real-time usage data to the council engineers.
Premium 5 micron filters and all tubing and wet surfaces are WRAS approved. Filter life alerts are sent automatically to Water Stations Ireland and replaced in a timely manner.

The units have autonomous flushing of standing water every night to mitigate Legionella.

All firmware & software can be updated over the air. All programming and software developed here in Ireland.
Each station has an inground “stone carpet plinth” with the “Three Mountains” SDCC logo embossed. The Stainless base trim is also laser cut showing the SDCC lettering. This logo is also laser cut into the solar pole gratings.
Gaelige & English script on font body. 

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