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Countertop waterstations

Touch Free Water Dispenser

A revolutionary water dispenser, Blusoda now also Touch Free

  • Stainless steel.
  • Nano Silver Pipe or UV OUT to prevent bacterial proliferation.
  • Driptray prepared for drainage.
  • Nano Silver Protection on the black surface to reduce the 99,9% of bacteria proliferation.
  • Supply 3 types of water: cold/room temperature, cold/sparkling, cold/room temperature/sparkling.

Anti-bacterial UV lamp operating at the outlet on each tap. As demonstrated by numerous studies, UV rays have a sterilizing effect and prevent bacterial proliferation.

Maximum hygiene and cutting-edge technology thanks to the infrared rays which allow the activation of the system from a distance of 1.5 cm.

The external surface is treated with Nano Silver Protection technology, which uses silver ions, and is capable of reducing bacterial proliferation by 99.999% in 24 hours.

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Our goal is to  dismantle the perception that water is a commodity and make our water stations available everywhere 

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