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Water Stations LOGO 3
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Smart Systems

Auto flushing. Alerts for scheduled maintenance & filter change by SMS or email


We use a quality 5 micron water filtration system in all our models.


xternal surfaces can be applied with photocatalytic Titanium antimicrobial, antibacterial coatings, developed in Ireland at Dublin City University

Covid Safe Products
Covid 19 Touchless Options

Covid-19: Our commitment to public safety is uncompromising. We now offer a contactless water filling station to mitigate the spread of Covid-19


Our Smart Bottle Fillers automatically flush standing water to prevent Legionella.


Internal Ultraviolet lamp to efficiently disinfect the water without the use of heat or dangerous chemicals. UV light kills bacteria, viruses and other micro-


Our Goal is to provide safe clean drinking water without the environmental impacts of single use plastic bottles. Many of our premium units are solar power..

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Our goal is to  dismantle the perception that water is a commodity and make our water stations available everywhere 

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