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Covid-19 touchless options

Covid-19: Our commitment to public safety is uncompromising. We now offer a contactless water filling station to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. 


Our Smart Bottle Fillers automatically flush standing water to prevent Legionella.


External surfaces can be applied with photocatalytic Titanium antimicrobial, antibacterial coatings, developed in Ireland at Dublin City University. ​


Internal Ultraviolet lamp to efficiently disinfect the water without the use of heat or dangerous chemicals. UV light kills bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms.


We use a quality 5 micron water filtration system in all our models.


Our Goal is to provide safe clean drinking water without the environmental impacts of single use plastic bottles. Many of our premium units are solar power.

Smart Systems

Auto flushing. Alerts for scheduled maintenance & filter change by SMS or email

Our Products are tailor-made to our clients needs. We offer a variety of product options.

Contactless water filling station

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Smart Water for communities

Our smart Waterstation relays data to a central hub and your customised dashboard. You can display how much a single use your community has saved- in real time. In collaboration with the industry leaders in antenna design we have worked to ensure connectivity under any circumstances from all locations and future proof our devices. 

UV-C for Water Purification

Water purification remains a prevalent issue in the world today. In many third world countries, drinking water is easily polluted and can lead to the mass infestation of various pathogenic microorganisms in vital water sources. The consequences of polluted drinking water could be catastrophic and lead to global viral pandemics. 


UV-C presents an innovative solution for providing clean and effective water purification.


But just how effective is this relatively new technology and can it provide the solutions we need now and for the future? 


What is uV-c?

UV-C (ultraviolet) light is a type of radiation that can be found on the electromagnetic spectrum and is measured in Nanometers (nm). Invisible to the human eye, UV-C is an effective disinfectant due to the density of its wavelength.


UV-C is germicidal, meaning it can be used effectively as a disinfectant to kill microorganisms,  such as bacteria and viruses. 


When the DNA of microorganisms absorbs UV light, it stops them from being able to reproduce and duplicate, thereby preventing their growth. 


Our lamps emit powerful UV-C photons in the range of 200 – 280nm that pass through the water, stopping the bacteria in the water from being able to reproduce.